GNOME 3.4 now available for download....

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GNOME 3.4 is now available. This release has several new features, major updates to a host of GNOME applications, and a lot of minor fixes and refinements. Learn more about GNOME 3.4...


GNOME 3.4 introduces the following new features

  • A new document search facility that allows quick access to content stored both on your device and online.
  • Smooth scrolling means that makes moving through content slick and graceful.
  • New application menus, located on the top bar,to provide a useful way to access application options and actions.
  • The GNOME web browser called Web with a new interface for 3.4,and several other significant enhancements.
  • Documents and Contacts also have updated interfaces and new features
  • GNOME 3 with updated interface components,polished visual themes,and better hardware support..

Learn more about GNOME 3.4

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