The most popular CAD software for Ubuntu Linux

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CAD or Computer Aided Drawing is now a predominant force in any form of industry that involves extensive use of design modelling or prototyping of graphical architectural depictions. Here is a list of some of the most popular CAD apps available for Ubuntu.Linux.


Applications range from the automobile manufacture, civil construction modelling to even electronic circuit manufacturing industries. The list is almost endless. Today CAD software packages are available for almost any Operating system and Linux Based distros bear no exemption from this list. There are a good number of free and premium CAD applications that are compatible with the Linux platform. So we take some time off to check out the coolest and most efficient CAD applications that are meant for use in Linux based operating Platforms like Ubuntu.

Ever since Computers entered the design and modelling industry in various spheres like automobiles, construction, etc, there have been tremendous improvements in the way designers and engineers created concepts and models that are a preface to the actual item. The precision and graphical support in rendering helped designers to create architectural and other designs that were once deemed impossible to make using pen and paper. It also saved a considerable amount of time and money, not to mention the treacherous human effort needed. CAD applications became an integral part of the design process and almost all modern construction and design practices make use of CAD applications.

With Linux there are numerous apps available that offer CAD support. Some are free just like the distros whereas you also have premium packages. Let us get down to the top CAD apps for Linux that are high in popularity among Linux enthusiasts far and wide across the corners of the globe.


CAD Apps

Bricscad is a commercial graphical package that offers almost all major functionalities of AutoCAD and has extensive support for Linux platforms. It was designed and developed by Bricsys and had its roots built from the IntelliCAD engine.



It is a 2D design, modelling and drafting software package that is free and open source. However there are limitations for the free edition but a fully blown Qcad Professional edition is available at an affordable price with a limited free trial period option also available. The software supports Linux Platforms and is perfect for 2D drawing and graphical applications.



One of the best Open Source 3D graphical editor, FreeCAD is an CAD software that is written primarily in Python language and is based on OpenCascade and QT. The software is powerful and has a lot of features such as macro recording, workbenches, server mode and dynamically loadable application extensions. It has compatible versions for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.



It is a powerful 2D as well as 3D CAD software that is basically designed to offer support for mechanical engineering design and modelling. It offers exclusive support for important parameters as well as geometric constraints and provides tools for shells, pipelines, sheet metal unbending and even crash tests and assembly support for mechanical parts and has a rich symbol library. It even takes care of accounting function such as calculation of bills, material costs etc. It is a premium version and is available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Open CASCADE Technology:


It is a 3D surface and solid modelling software package that has extensive data exchange and rapid application development capabilities. It is completely free and is a open source software which has support for Linux platforms.

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