How to repair Grub in Ubuntu 10.10.

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Grub2 is the default boot loader as well as the one that has been officially assigned for the management functions. It enhances the automatic control of the kernels in the Linux operating system. The software comes free of cost and it is especially designed for the Ubuntu operating system which includes Ubuntu 10.10. It is known nowadays for its improved performance compared to the earlier version of Grub. Some of the significant improvements include the implementation of graphical boot menu and scripting support. Universal support is also provided in the latest version of the Grub known as Grub2.

The repairing of Grub in Ubuntu 10.10 is done in a step by step procedure. It first has to be purged and then the reinstallation has to be done. It mainly makes use of the chroot command. The command enables the Live CD to treat the broken file systems as its own.

In the following cases mainly the repair of the Grub is needed. The conditions are the corruption of the Grub2 files as well as the removal of the Grub2 files by the user itself without prior knowledge. For the restoring procedure, the complete removal and reinstallation of the Grub-pc may be desirable. Before the restoration process you will have to assure that you have a working internet connection.

Step 1

Boot Live CD desktop.

The first step that you have to do for repairing of the Grub in Ubuntu 10.10 is the booting of the LiveCD desktop. 

Step 2

Open the terminal page.

You will have to open the terminal page by navigating towards the applications and then to Accessories where you will be able to find the Terminal option. It’s desirable to use the command interface approach. 

Step 3

sudo fdisk-1

The First command that you have to type in the terminal page is sudo fdisk-1 which helps you to determine the normal system partition. 

Step 4

sudo mount/dev/sdx/mnt

You have to upload the normal system partition by providing the command sudo mount/dev/sdx/mnt. 

Step 5

sudo mount /dev / sdYY/ mnt / boot

If you have a separate boot partition then the command should be given as sudo mount /dev / sdYY/ mnt / boot.

Step 6

Type the command as for I in/dev / dev/ pts/ proc/ sys; do sudo mount –B $i /mnt$i; done in order to upload the critical virtual file systems.

Step 7

chroot/ mnt

For the chroot application to enable in to the normal system device in the Ubuntu 10.10 operating system, type the command as chroot/ mnt. Now the fact is that you are in a root prompt phase.

Step 8

Gently type the command as “apt-get update”. 

Step 9

apt-get purge grub-common

Then give the command as apt-get purge grub-common which directly helps in the purging of grub-pc and you can see a pop up warning that you are about to replace the boot loader. Then press the OK button.

Step 10

apt-get install grub-pc

Now comes the reinstallation of Grub2 by pressing OK when the option of choosing the kernel emerges and then again you have to press OK when you get the option of selecting the devices and finally press the ENTER option. The Grub2 is reinstalled. And the command should be in the form of apt-get install grub-pc. 

Step 11


After that you have to enter the command for the exit from the chroot. The command is exit. 

Step 12

Now open the usual command prompt page and give the command as for I in / sys/ proc/ dev/ pts/dev; do sudo umount / mnt$i; done. This command is mainly used in the unloading of the virtual file systems. 

Step 13

And finally for unmounting from the Ubuntu partition, give the command in the command prompt as sudo umount/ dev/ sdXY. 

Step 14

Finally REBOOT the system. 

The repairing of Grub in Ubuntu 10.10 is successfully done.

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